Electronic Conference
7-23 March


Both organising institutions, the Institute of Ecology and Botany and the Ministry for Environment and Water have a long experience in habitat level biodiversity assessment and mapping through the development and operation of the Hungarian Biodiversity Monitoring System. During the discussions in the early period of organisation, landscape scale has been completed by other scales of biodiversity organisation, and scaling itself, as a scientific problem became involved. The scaling issue has raised enthusiasm among social scientists as well, so policy and socio-economic relations have been added to the topic. Scaling, as a scientific problem has not been touched upon so far at EPBRS meetings, so the organisers hope to awake the interest of a wide scientific community, especially through the electronic conference session.

The aim of the meeting is to focus on
  • the ecological research problems raised by the different scales of biodiversity (with an emphasis on landscape scale), and

  • the interaction of policy and social scales with biodiversity conservation.
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